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  • Sunset in Calabria

    Delving deeper into visiting Calabria and Southern Italy

    Visitreggiocalabria, Jan. 9, 2023 Exploring Calabria: Coastal Gems: Cultural Highlights: Nature and Adventure: Cuisine and Dining Experiences: Local Delicacies: Food Experiences: Transportation and Logistics: Getting Around: Accommodation: Immersing in Local Culture: Safety and Practical Tips: Timing and Planning: Additional Suggestions: Southern Italy, including regions like Campania, Apulia (Puglia), Basilicata, and Sicily, offers a diverse array…

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    10 Reasons why Calabria should be your next travel destination

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  • Discover the Hidden Gems of Calabria & Southern Italy

    A Short History of Calabria

    Visitreggiocalabria T.O., March. 14, 2023 Calabria, situated in the southernmost part of Italy, boasts a history that spans millennia, characterized by diverse influences. Here’s a concise overview: Ancient Times: In ancient times, Calabria was home to various indigenous peoples, like the Oenotrians and Italiotes. The 8th and 7th centuries BC witnessed the establishment of Greek…

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    Perfect Apulia Tour

    Unveiling Puglia’s hidden gems awaits! Embark on a private journey with VISITREGGIOCALABRIA, your gateway to authentic Apulian experiences and rich cultural heritage. Discover a treasure trove of charming towns, captivating landscapes, and unforgettable memories. Day 1: Bari Arrival and Old Town Exploration Arrive in Bari and check into accommodation. Explore the historic Old Town, marvel…

  • Perfect Calabria Tour
    Perfect Calabria Tour

    PERFECT TOUR CALABRIA Welcome to the Perfect Calabria Tour! Explore the natural beauty, history, and cuisine of this southern Italian region. Uncover hidden gems through picturesque coastal towns, ancient ruins, landscapes, and cultural delights. Day 1: Arrival in Calabria – Tropea Upon arrival at Lamezia Terme International Airport, our guide will warmly welcome you. Transfer…