10 Reasons why Calabria should be your next travel destination

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Visitreggiocalabria T.O, Dec. 2022

Calabria, nestled at Italy’s southern tip, tends to be overshadowed by more popular Italian spots. But there are plenty of reasons why it should be at the top of your travel list:

  1. Untouched Landscapes: Calabria boasts diverse natural beauty—crystal-clear coastlines and rugged mountains—perfect for nature enthusiasts seeking solitude.
  2. History and Culture: Influenced by Greeks, Romans, and Normans, Calabria is dotted with historical treasures like ancient castles and the famous Riace Bronzes.
  3. Gorgeous Beaches: Picture-perfect beaches like Tropea and Capo Vaticano rival Caribbean beauty with their pristine sands and turquoise waters.
  4. Mouthwatering Cuisine: Rich and flavorful Calabrian dishes featuring local ingredients like ‘nduja sausage, caciocavallo cheese, and Tropea onions are a treat for food lovers.
  5. Authentic Experience: Unlike tourist-packed cities, Calabria offers a more genuine Italian encounter and a chance to connect with locals.
  6. Affordability: It’s wallet-friendly compared to other Italian regions, making it a great pick for budget travelers.
  7. Warm Hospitality: Calabrians are known for their hospitality, making visitors feel like part of the community.
  8. Unique Traditions: Preserving its unique festivals and dances like the Tarantella, experiencing these cultural facets is unforgettable.
  9. Adventure Galore: From scuba diving to hiking in Aspromonte National Park or skiing in Sila mountains during winters, there’s adventure for everyone.
  10. Artisanal Crafts: Calabria treasures its craftsmanship—think exquisite pottery and textiles crafted in family-run workshops.

In essence, Calabria is a hidden Italian gem offering nature’s beauty, history, great food, and a warm welcome. It’s perfect for those eager to explore a lesser-known part of Italy.

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