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We began our adventure in 1999, leading Private Tours for first-rate Travel Agencies and Tour Operators, first in Calabria, then all over Italy.

In 2005, VISITREGGIOCALABRIA was born, providing individual and group tours, as well as ancestry tours.

Today, after more than 20 years, we provide a wide range of tailor-made Tours to Calabria and Southern Italy, ideal for small group tours, as well as LUXURY TOURS for our most demanding clients…just book now for your unique travel experience!!






Tommaso is a 36-year-old archaeologist and fully Licensed Tourist Guide, he was born in Catanzaro. After working as an archaeologist in many excavation campaigns, he decides to spend some time in London, where he works as a Tour Guide for the British Museum.

After returning to Italy, he  works as a Tour Guide and he also travels extensively to various countries throughout Europe but also to Canada and China.

Today, after collaborating with various travel agencies and T.O.s, we finally have the pleasure to have him in our team, where he’s responsible for our groups in English, but also in Spanish and Italian. Please, don’t be fooled by his youthful appearance  his knowledge of Italy is simply “amazing”.




Pasquale is an English Teacher with a passion for tourism promotion and travels, he was born in Reggio Calabria. He graduated in languages at the University of Messina, after that he spent some time in England and other European countries.

In 2004, while still working as a Teacher, he worked for some months for the local Museum after that, he started working for different T.O.s and travel agencies from 2004 to 2011, finally as a freelance responsible for groups and individuals.

In 2005, he created Visitreggiocalabria which he still runs to date. He’s fluent in English, Spanish and Italian.


Today, Visitreggiocalabria can offer the best tours all over Italy, thanks to the partnerships it created over the years.

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