Perfect Apulia Tour


Day 1: Bari Arrival and Old Town Exploration Arrive in Bari and check into accommodation. Explore the historic Old Town, marvel at the Basilica di San Nicola, and savor local street food.

Day 2: Alberobello’s Trulli Magic Travel to Alberobello, a UNESCO site. Wander through trulli-lined streets, learn their history, and soak in the unique evening ambiance.

Day 3: Coastal Charm in Polignano a Mare Head to Polignano a Mare, perched on cliffs. Explore the old town, enjoy Adriatic Sea views, and relax on beautiful beaches.

Day 4: Ostuni – “The White City” Drive to Ostuni, famed for whitewashed buildings. Explore the Old Town, visit Ostuni Cathedral, and enjoy panoramic countryside views.

Day 5: Lecce – “The Florence of the South” Journey to Lecce, immersed in Baroque beauty. Visit landmarks like Basilica di Santa Croce and Piazza del Duomo, while savoring local cuisine.

Day 6: Gargano National Park Adventure Explore Gargano National Park, with its lush forests and coastal cliffs. Visit Vieste and relax on picturesque beaches.

Day 7: Matera’s Ancient Wonders Conclude in Matera, a UNESCO site. Explore Sassi districts, visit rock-hewn churches, and absorb the unique blend of history and innovation. Depart with unforgettable memories.

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