Loved Matera


Stepping into Matera’s Sassi districts felt like traveling through time. These ancient cave dwellings, carved directly into the rock face, were once home to entire neighborhoods! We wandered through labyrinthine alleys, encountering homes, churches, and vibrant life nestled within the cool caves.

Our expert guide brought Matera’s rich history to life. We learned about the Sassi’s evolution, from their humble beginnings to a challenging yet resilient past. Exploring these spaces wasn’t just about the architecture; it was about the spirit and tenacity of the people who lived there.

Everywhere we turned, Matera pulsed with life. Unlike a museum, it was a living testament to history. Local artisans plied their trades, children played in the squares, and the scent of wood smoke from traditional chimneys filled the air. This vibrant tapestry of the past woven into the present left us awestruck.

Leaving Matera, we carried a newfound appreciation for the enduring power of human history. This unforgettable city filled us with wonder. Thanks, VisitReggioCalabria, for an amazing tour.


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