We greatly enjoyed our visit to Calabria


Calabria Trip: A Fantastic Experience with Visitreggiocalabria (by Gene)

Our trip to Calabria was unforgettable, thanks in large part to Visitreggiocalabria’s exceptional guide.

The guide collaborated with us to create a personalized itinerary that fit our timeframe. He expertly navigated local customs and ensured we stayed on track, even when some facilities were closed, allowing us to see more of Calabria.

He provided a comfortable car perfect for the region’s roads and was a safe driver. Thoughtfully, he planned visits to start at higher elevations and work our way down, making walking enjoyable. He also included refreshing stops for food and drinks throughout the day.

The guide’s deep knowledge of Calabria’s history came alive through engaging conversation, not lectures. We learned about the region’s long history, from the Greeks to the Romans and Byzantines, even when physical remnants weren’t present.

While a route was planned beforehand, the guide readily adjusted timing and visit sequences to accommodate opening hours, travel times, and our interests.

The guide’s extensive knowledge, good judgment, and dedication made our trip truly memorable. He was highly competent, hardworking, and ensured a rich and enjoyable experience. A big thank you to Visitreggiocalabria for making this a lifetime memory!


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