Best food and wine tour ever!

Food & Wine Tour

VisitReggioCalabria’s food and wine tour unveiled the culinary secrets of the region. The guides’ knowledge and enthusiasm added depth to each tasting, making it a true immersion into Calabria’s food culture. From savoring local delicacies like ‘nduja to indulging in exquisite wines, each tasting was a culinary adventure. The food and wine tour was a perfect blend of vineyard visits and gastronomic discoveries. Exploring family-run wineries and sampling authentic Calabrian dishes made it a memorable journey. This tour wasn’t just about food; it was about tasting tradition. Every dish, every sip of wine, told a story of Calabria’s heritage and the passion of its people for preserving their culinary art. From the aroma of freshly harvested olives to the taste of sun-ripened tomatoes, every bite was a celebration of local produce, paired perfectly with exquisite wines. Again, thank you guys for the unforgettable memories and experience! Gina



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