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Gene, Sept. 15, 2023

Greetings: I do hope this finds you and your family well. We greatly enjoyed our visit to Calabria, in great measure due to your efforts. Thank you. I am sorry that I have delayed sending the review you requested. I am very slow with some things. It does not reflect on the quality of our visit. Just as a matter of curiosity, what sites or events would you suggest we experience on any subsequent visit to Calabria? You certainly have an idea of what we have already experienced.

FEEDBACK, CALABRIA 2023 Let us start by stating that the Guide was fantastic in multiple ways. He worked with us to develop a flexible yet realistic schedule for departures. We were able to see most of the intended locations within the time limits we decided upon.

The Guide demonstrated flexibility, combined with his knowledge of the local customs and official limits. He was able to assert himself on our behalf when we encountered closed facilities, enabling us to remain within our proposed itinerary and thus be able to experience Calabria at a greater depth.

The automobile used by our Guide was most appropriate for the windy and narrow roads. He was a careful driver and safely delivered us. He was thoughtful, beginning most town visits at a relatively high location and then working our way to a lower elevation. Walking a great deal uphill, for us, would not have been enjoyable. He also punctuated the visits with stops for food, gelato, and drink, wonderful and rather necessary pauses.

Our Guide demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of Calabria and its very long history. It was helpful to hear his prompts that various spaces had been populated by Greeks long before Romans or Byzantines, even though the actual Greek remnants had vanished. His teaching was delivered within easy conversation and was not a lecture.

The route planning was developed before we began. However, our Guide was flexible, rearranging times and sequence of visits to better fit hours of operation, travel, and our want to visit.

Overall, the Guide demonstrated great knowledge, good judgement, and put forth a significant physical effort to make our visit a truly memorable experience.

All in all, our Guide was a very capable and extremely hard working who provided us with a wonderful, life time experience. Again thank you so very much for your help. If I may answer any other questions, I will try not to delay. Mille grazia, Gene….⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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