The Myth of Scylla and Charybdis
In Greek mythology, Scylla and Charybdis were two monstrous sea creatures that dwelled in the Strait of Messina, between Sicily and Italy. They were so close to each other that sailors had to steer a narrow course to avoid them, often risking their lives. Scylla was a six-headed beast with sharp teeth and claws, who […]
Tony Bennet
Unfortunately, today another great Calabrian and Italian has left us, the very famous singer and Crooner Tony Bennet, a singer who despite having had from the showbiz all the success that a man can ever aspire to, he certainly does not need introductions, he had never forgotten his Bel Paese and his origins and, in […]
Saint John Therestis
The history of Byzantine monasticism in Calabria, the southernmost region of Italy, dates back to the 6th century, when the Byzantine Empire ruled over the area. The monastic movement flourished under the protection of the Byzantine emperors and the local dukes, who granted the monks lands, privileges and autonomy. The monks followed the rule of […]
Statue A Riace Warriors
The Riace Warriors are two bronze statues of naked, bearded warriors that were found in the sea near Riace, a small town in southern Italy, in 1972. They are considered one of the finest examples of classical Greek sculpture, dating from the 5th century BC. The statues are slightly larger than life-size, measuring about 2 […]
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