During 20 years of providing genealogy tours and research, we’ve been helping people from the USA, Canada, Australia, etc… connect with their Italian family’s roots, see the villages or cities where their grandparents came from.

We will connect you with your Italian family! We do it with love and passion and we feel a great emotion every time we make it happen! Be aware that it is not always possible to find genealogical documents online, particularly in Southern Italy, where local administrations oftentimes have not yet finished the digitization process of personal data. Because of this, it may often not be very useful to rely on online organizations that do not search on-site.

Therefore, very often, the only possible way to reconstruct a family tree is to go directly to the village or city of origin in Italy and make the request directly to the registry office or to the various parishes for the certificate you need (birth, death, marriage, etc …).

Due, in particular to the pandemic and since it is not possible to travel at the moment, we will be happy to visit your country of origin, do the genealogical research for you, make an official request for the documents at the municipality you belong to and send you the documents conveniently to your email address.

What we do:

  1. Preliminary research of family members.
  2. Visit to the local registry office.
  3. Genealogy Tour and research of the area.
  4. A local Private Guide & Driver will lead you and assist you with communication during your visit to your family’s village.
  5. Note: in case you can´t travel, we will be glad to do the genealogy research for you and we will send you all the family documents we will find in your Italian village see page

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