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Family reunion!

From 1892 to 1924, more than 22 million immigrants,
passengers, and crew members came through Ellis Island and the
Port of New York. The ship companies that transported these
passengers kept detailed passenger lists, called “ship
manifests.” Now, thanks to the generous efforts of volunteers of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, these manifests
have been transcribed into a vast electronic archive, which you
can easily search to find an individual passenger.

there’s one thing we’ve learnt in our more than 15 years in
guiding service business,it is that many of our special clients,
especially from the US,Canada, Australia,as well as many other
countries around the world, oftentimes come to Calabria, Sicily
or the rest of Italy, exclusively for one reason,they want to
connect with their Italian families, they want to go back to
their family roots,see the villages or cities where their
grandparents came from and possibly understand the reason why
they left Italy to move to the Americas or other faraway
countries around the world.

have a compelling desire and need to understand why they are
where they are, where they are from, in order to understand where
they are going, who they really are, their very souls and
identities.Over the years, thanks also to so many touching and
unique moments of family reunion, we’ve come to realize just
that, the importance of “our mission” in helping you connecting
with your family roots… and this is something which goes beyond
a mere profession, you cannot do that just for a living, but it
has to come with a love and a passion and a fire in the belly to
accomplish your mission, other than that, you’re doomed to

We know
perfectly well, that connecting with your Italian family is what
will really makes the difference between the vacation of a
lifetime or just…another vacation! That’s why we are always
more and more committed to always do our best, our reward and
satisfaction being yours, too. Following, a descripition of what,
exactly, we will do in your Ancestry tour:

  • Preliminary research of any
    family members in the Italian village or city your family is
    from(prior to your arrival!).
  • Visiting the registry office to
    get all of your family’s existing documents(if any!).
  • A tour of the village or city to
    connect with your family members.
  • A visit to the cemetery to honor
    all of the dead ones.
  • Your English Speaking Private
    Guide/Driver will assist you during all of your Ancestry Tour,
    from hotel pick up (or wherever you’re staying during your
    visit!) to your dropoff place (hotel, airport, train station,

Our Guides/Drivers are all local Professionals who speak English
and other languages fluently and they will guarantee you absolute
discretion, professionalism and courtesy.
Before you take the tour, we strongly
recommend to provide all the information you have which might
help us to connect you with your family(say birth or wedding
certificates, old family pictures, as well as whatever you may
deem useful to help us connect you with your family!), we know by
experience that this information oftentimes can be crucial in
helping us tracking your Italian family, particularly if they
left before 1900!)  listen

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