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GenealogyWe’ve been providing Ancestry Tours and Genealogy Research during more than 20 years now, helping people from the USA, Canada, Australia, Argentina, Brasile, etc… connect with their Italian family’s roots, see the villages where their grandparents came from. We feel a great emotion every time we make it happen! We will help you rebuild your family tree and we’ll make an official request to the local registry office for all the certificates you may need (birth, death, marriage, etc …). What we do:

  1. Preliminary research of family members (prior to your trip!).
  2. Visit the local Registry Office to get your documents.
  3. Genealogy Tour and Research of the area.
  4. A local Private Guide will assist you during your visit.
  5. Establish contact with  Italian family.
  6. Assistance in obtaining Italian citizenship.

Our genealogy services are provided all over Italy, in case you can’t travel, we will do the research for you and we will send your family’s documents either at your email or directly at your home address. Have questions? Fill in the form or see our FAQs


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