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• We know the people, the places, the habits of the locals, just because we are first and foremost “local” Private Guides.

• Over the years, we had the “opportunity” to notice how even some highly reputable T.O.s and travel agencies operate: they just sell their package tours without having the slightest clue about where and when they are sending their clients and that could turn just as easily their clients’ vacation into a nightmare, especially when it comes to Calabria.

• Some examples? One highly reputable T.O. specializing in walking tours, selling their N.Y. clients a walking tour in March, without even caring to verify whether the snow had melted or not…..and it hadn’t!

• Some French journalists visiting Reggio Calabria with their travel agent booking them a hotel in Gambarie (25 miles away from Reggio Calabria, up in the mountains!),he probably just looked at Calabria’s map and thought the hotel was close by, maybe because he just saw a 0.4 inch distance on the map……and several other more examples could be given.

• We will meet you at the airport or at your cruise ship and transfer you to your hotel/B&B, etc…

• We’ll give you advice on best hotels that suit your needs and if you are on a budget, we’ll suggest you cheap, comfortable ones.

• We will arrange private cars with drivers, suggest car rentals and advice you on everything you might need.

• We will arrange cooking classes and winery tours. We can organize private or collective sightseeing tours for you. If cruising, we can just as easily arrange your land tours.

• We can arrange travel for individuals and customized group tours. You can just count on our local relationships, rather than on the uncertainty of leaving your vacation in the hands of people who just don’t have a clue.

• Our clients’ needs, satisfaction and safety are our top priorities and we put all of our passion and enthusiasm to make their visits an unforgettable experience. You will get to know a region you just couldn’t imagine it was there: sunshine, sea, mountains, breath-taking views and nature, believe it or not, we have it all (Yet, this is not our merit!)…..and last but not least Calabria’s genuine food.

• Don’t believe us? Well, then, just don’t say we didn’t tell you!