The Bruttii, strong and impossible

Among the populations of the origins, the most relevant and the most recent is undoubtedly that of the Bruzi, a people similar to the Lucani, of whom they were slaves. But the sources do not agree perfectly.

For Strabo, they could have been both settlers and descendants of the Lucanians, while for Diodorus Siculus the Bruzi were “a multitude of men of various origins, mostly runaway servants”.

They settled in the interior of the central-northern part of the region, after detaching themselves from the Lucanians towards the middle of the fourth century BC, constituting a confederation, based in Consentia, today’s Cosenza. Other villages of some importance were Aufugum, Argentanum, Bergae, Besidiae, Ocriculum, Lymphaeum.


The Bruttii

The Bruttii

Given the origins, the Bruzi, accustomed to clashes and violence, excelled in the art of war and were able to demonstrate it both with the other indigenous peoples, on whom they soon prevailed, and running into the Western Greeks, who in the meantime they were settled in the region creating a splendid and unrepeatable civilization.

Never involved, if only marginally, by the refined civilization of Magna Graecia, did they strenuously oppose the Romans.


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