• Customized Tours We arrange your tour according to your own tastes and needs and destination.
  • Accommodation We can help you book any type of accommodation you require: from 5 stars to boutique hotels, we can advise and book the accommodations that best suit your tastes and needs.
  • Transportation We can arrange the best transport for you to move around. By car, minivan, jeep, bus, trains, we will make sure you have the best service, wherever you go!


  • Meals Food is a fundamental part of any travel experience, that’s why we will advise on the best local food in a wide selection of restaurants.


  • Private Guides Whether you want to walk, climb, ride or cycle or simply relax in the backseat and enjoy the view, we can count on a team of amazing Guides who will cater for any of your needs. Our Private Guides are all locals in the first place, with a deep knowledge of the territory they live in under every aspect: from culture to history, geography, etc… Last but not least, we can also help you with your genealogy tour, thanks to our expert Guides and Genealogists that will help you through every stage of your family research, from documents research prior to your trip to helping you make contact with your family.

VISITREGGIOCALABRIA - Private Tours Calabria & Southern Italy
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