We start our tour from the Coloseum, where
gladiators and wild animals used to fight, the Roman Forums
where the ancient Romans spent large part of their time.
From Capitoline Hill you will enjoy the best view over
the Roman Forums! We continue to the Tiberine Island where the
famous Sora Lella’s restaurant is located. Here we will walk
through the Circus Maximus, famous for the Chariot Races.
Palatine Hill, where the earliest settlements of the time
of Romulus and Remus (8th b.c.) were located.
Aventine Hill was the area where the working class, the
Plebeians, used to live. Walking or by bus we will reach the
place where all Romans liked to relax and meet other people for
public relations: the Baths of Caracalla. We will finish at
the Pantheon, the best preserved PaganTemple.


The Roman Empire was sacked
by barbarians in the 5th A.D..: this event marked the beginning
of the Middle Ages. During this period Rome became almost
deserted, where once the roman troops celebrated their triumphal
marches now you could only see only cows, sheeps and wild
animals. Noble families were at constant war against each other.
We will visit Santa Prassede and Santa Pudenziana with their
beautiful Byzantine mosaics, Trastevere and Campo Marzio. During
this period, Castel Sant’Angelo became a property of the Papacy
and the refuge of Popes and Cardinals. In the Old Jewish Ghetto,
at the Trattoria “Sora Margherita”, you can taste the
typical Roman food , Pasta amatriciana, then meat,
lamb,etc..!  finally,Torta con Ricotta e Visciole (A cake
with Ricotta cheese and cherries).


Today we visit
the Vatican Museums: during the Renaissance Period in the
XIV century, the Popes became very powerful. Here,they collected
most of the art works they used to adorn their private
apartments. From the XVII century, these apartments were
open to the public. We will  visit St. Peter’s Basilica, the
symbol Christianity. We are going to see most of the Palaces,
Squares and Fountains built by the different Popes to show their
power: Palazzo Farnese, Piazza Navona,etc… Campo dei Fiori
is one of the most popular and trendy squares full of cafes. Here
is the Statue of Giordano Bruno, burned alive in 1600 by the
Church because of his ideas! We finish our tour at the Chiesa del
Gesù, Piazza SS. Apostoli, Via del Corso, Trevi Fountain, Spanish
Steps and Piazza del popolo.

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