Reggio Calabria Tour

Scilla, Reggio Calabria

The province of Reggio Calabria is covered in this tour, especially the Jasmine Riviera, named after the perfumed jasmine flowers that are stretching on it, right by the coast of the Ionian sea. From Monasterace to Brancaleone, you will see why the ‘toe’ of the Italian foot is really Italy’s best-kept secret. The The special charm and simplicity of Calabria make it one of the most a delightful region in Italy offering tours, holidays, and vacation spots for people of all ages.

Day 01 Your adventure that will include private tours around this most beautiful region will begin at the Lamezia Terme airport. Your private driver will meet you to provide your transfer to Jasmine Riviera. After checking in at your hotel, you’ll enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

Day 02 Gerace, Locri Epizephiri, you’ll set out on a luxury private guided tour to the ancient ruins of the The Greek City of Locri Epizephiri. In the afternoon, visit the medieval hill town of Gerace, the largest Norman cathedrals still left standing in southern Italy today. Dated to the 11th Century A.D., the church of St. Francis is noted for its intricate alter that has inlaid marble, time for sightseeing on your own here as you find yourself walking down narrow medieval streets and taking in other sights.

Day 03 Day at Leisure or Optional Tour: Siderno Antica, Mammola In the morning, you’ll embark on a private tour of Old Siderno, which is an ancient village that retains its historic charms. Here you’ll get to experience how villagers live while watching an embroidery-making demonstration. Your next stop
is Mammola, an old city famed for its historic center, vibrant floral displays, and delicious Stockfish, here prepared with a genuine local recipe.

Chianalea, Scilla, Reggio Calabria

Chianalea, Scilla, Reggio Calabria

Day 04 Jasmine Riviera Your first stop will be the hilltop town of Stilo where you can visit the 9th century
Cattolica. This small temple is a beautiful example of Byzantine style, complete with a square design that forms a Greek cross. The church boasts three apses and five small domes, adding to its splendor. Natural light also floods inside the building in a unique way, making it quite breathtaking. Frescoes that were only
discovered in 1927 are also found within the church.

Day 05 Tropea | Today we’ll take a private
transfer to Tropea, to explore this seaside resort and its
stunning scenery. This part of the coastline is on the Tyrrhenian
Sea and is called Costa Degli Dei, or Coast of the Gods. Given
its beauty, it is considered one of Europe’s most impressive
summertime destinations. Explore the historic center of Tropea
during your stay and take a peek at the cliffs upon which it is
perched high above the sea.


Day 06 Reggio Calabria and Scilla| Today we take
a private tour of Reggio Calabria. This city’s National Museum is
home to the “Bronzes of Riace,” which are two Greek statues that
date back to the 5th century B.C. After your luxury tour, you’ll
have time to shop and stroll on your own and take in the
promenade that overlooks the Straits of Messina. Known as “the
most beautiful kilometer of the Italian peninsula,” this stretch
is a favorite for picture taking. The day’s tour will continue to
Scilla where its medieval castle creates a dominating scene on
the Strait of Messina. The quaint fishing district of Chianalea
is also a must-see with its houses built right on the edge of the

Day 07: A private transport to the Lamezia Terme
The airport is provided to cap off your luxury tour.

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