Do I need to hire a car?

You will really need to hire a car or minivan to get around in
Calabria and South Italy. There are many reasons for that some of
which it would be too complex to explain: Picturesque medieval
villages, castles and other highlights are often located on the
hills or mountains, more or less away from the coast. Public
transportation is often unreliable and oftentimes does not serve
internal areas of Southern Italy, you might very easily end up
waiting for hours for a train or a bus and your vacation would
really turn into something different… a real nightmare! It’s a
lot more easier to hire a private car and, best option possible,
a Private Guide/Driver. You can go where you want, when you want
and not be tied to a timetable and if you don’t feel like driving
on winding mountain roads and villages which are often, among the
other things in very bad conditions, particularly in mountainous
areas, we really suggest you hire a car with Driver, who is
expert on the area and this is really the best advice we can give
you, just avoid venturing out by yourself if you want to really
enjoy the tour in total relax and without any kind of

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