I need a Genealogy Research, how does it work?

If you’re planning to book a Genealogy Research with us but you can’t travel, this is how it works:

You contact us with the name of the village/town in Italy where the research should be done!

You provide date of birth(DOB) of the family members you’re looking for (even an approx date!)

The exact village/s or town/s where the Research should be made. (Not doing so would mean a waste of time and money for both parties and cause the failure of the Genealogy Research!), in other words, knowing that your Grandfather was from Calabria(Region) is not sufficient information for a Genealogy Research, but if you know the town, Reggio Calabria for instance, we will know exactly where we will have to go to do the Research for you!

You will provide us all the family information that might help us in the Research (certificates, photos, etc…)

You will have to authorize us to do the request for you with a PEC to make an appointment with the Registry Office to get the documents for you( We will need a copy of your ID, Driver’s License or any documents that we can attach to the PEC as evidence that we were authorized by you to do the Research on your behalf.

You will book the Genealogy Research with a 50% deposit of the total cost (remaining balance when we have the documents, and we can send them to you. The Research will start only after booking it with a 50% deposit.


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