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Genealogy researchOftentimes, you may want to search for your family documents and tree online. Unfortunately, in Italy, particularly in the South, many administrations have not yet completed the digitization and computerization process of all documents. 

Therefore, oftentimes  the only way to find your family documents and reconstruct your family tree is to go directly to your village or city of origin in Italy and make the request at municipalities, parish archives, etc … but as you know, for over a year now it has not been possible to travel because of the pandemic.

And it is for this reason that having done genealogy research for more than 20 years now for our clients, always in great demand for our ancestry tours, we have decided to enhance this service exclusively for our foreign clients!

We will do the genealogy research on your behalf and send you the results and documents directly to your email address, wherever you are in the world, from Canada to the USA, New Zealand, Australia,  etc …

Our services:

1) Documents request in the municipality of your family of origin.

2) Visit the registry office to request documents.

3) Cemetery visit to find deceased family members.

4) Establish contact with your Italian family.

5) Email you all the information we found (family documents, birth, marriage or death certificates, family photos, etc …), and a family tree so that you will be able to connect with your Italian family! If you can travel but you would like your documents from Italy anyway, just contact us and we will do the research for you and we will send you the results directly at your email address:





Important: be aware that before asking for genealogy research you will need to know exactly which Italian village or town your family is from, otherwise it will simply be impossible to locate your family. In any case, if you don’t know the exact place, we can make an attempt to locate your place of origin depending on all the family information you can possibly provide.

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