Rent a Car

• The best way to experience Calabria is to hire a private car
and driver. Not doing so will very likely turn your vacation into
a nightmare because of the region’s poor public transportation
system, among the other things.

Calabria is different

• You will see an old Italy, with shops closing at lunch and old
men and women sitting in the squares talking about politics,
sports, family and the likes. Welcome to the most genuine Italy!

Be Prepared to hear only Italian and Calabrian

• The great majority of Calabrians simply don’t know English.
Consider hiring a local guide, because your Italian would not be
of great help with people speaking local dialects .

Calabria, is it safe?

• Well, let us put things straight once and for all! The
organized crime problem affecting Calabria, believe it or not,
does not have the least impact on tourists and Calabria is way
safer than many other parts of Italy where minor crimes are more
common. Having said that, just adopt the regular safety measures
you would adopt when traveling!

Travel Tips

• In Calabria, you will probably get a better glimpse of the
genuine Italian life!In the more touristy parts of Italy, they
are accustomed to catering to tourists and maybe this did not
allow you to see the real Italian customs and traditions.

Plan Your Trip

• This is particularly true when visiting Calabria, knowing
Calabria and understanding what you want to see before you get
there, it is the most important thing you can do in your trip

When To Travel

• Calabria enjoys a relatively mild weather 365 days a year, and
this is particularly true in the coastal areas, yet, best months
to book would be from April to June and from September to mid

Bronzi di Riace

• i Bronzi di Riace (Italian for “Riace bronzes”) are two famous
full-size Greek bronzes of nude bearded warriors, cast about
460–450 B.C.

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