The Riace Warriors,Reggio Calabria

The Riace Warriors, National Museum,Reggio Calabria

regions in Italy can actually boast such a varied cultural
legacy: Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Spanish,
Bourbons, not to mention the continuous barbarian and Saracen
Graecia and Byzantine Itineraries, Norman, Swabian, Aragonese
castles and fortresses, restored over the centuries, not to
mention the museums and the Calabrian territory, literally
crammed with treasures and riches of the past, still waiting to
be discovered and estimated.
to its mild climate, its almost entirely mountainous territory,
yet completely surrounded by about 800 km of pristine beaches, it
can meet any kind of leisure time requirements, both in winter as
well as in summertime: mountain sports, excursions, water sports,
offers its visitors possibly the best homemade cuisine, still
based on ancient recipes and genuine dishes. This is the Calabria
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