Why should I visit Calabria?


Calabria is a region of Italy that offers a unique and authentic experience of the Mediterranean culture and landscape. Calabria has a rich history, dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, and a diverse natural environment, with stunning beaches, mountains, forests and national parks.


Calabria is also a land of gastronomy, where you can taste delicious local products and dishes, such as the famous ‘nduja (spicy pork sausage), bergamot (a citrus fruit), and caciocavallo (a cheese). Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, culture or nature, Calabria has something for everyone. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit Calabria:

  • Explore the sea of gods and heroes: Calabria has a long coastline that stretches along the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas, offering spectacular views and crystal-clear waters. You can enjoy the sun and sand in some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, such as Tropea, Capo Vaticano, Scilla and Soverato. You can also discover the marine life and the underwater archaeological sites in the protected areas of Capo Rizzuto and Dino Island.
  • One region, three National Parks! Calabria is home to three national parks: Pollino, Sila and Aspromonte. These parks cover about 15% of the region’s territory and offer a variety of landscapes and activities. You can hike, bike, ski, raft, horseback ride or simply admire the flora and fauna of these parks, which include rare species such as the golden eagle, the wolf and the roe deer. You can also visit some of the charming villages and towns that dot these parks, such as Morano Calabro, San Giovanni in Fiore and Gerace.
  • Experience a land of art and culture: Calabria has a rich cultural heritage that reflects its ancient origins and its diverse influences over the centuries. You can visit some of the impressive archaeological sites and museums that showcase the remains of the Greek and Roman civilizations that flourished in this region, such as Locri Epizephyrii, Sibari and Reggio Calabria. You can also admire some of the artistic and architectural treasures that decorate the churches, castles and palaces of Calabria, such as the Byzantine mosaics of Stilo, the Norman cathedral of Cosenza and the Aragonese castle of Reggio Calabria.
  • Savour a land to be tasted: Calabria is a paradise for food lovers, who can enjoy the flavours and aromas of its traditional cuisine. Calabria is famous for its spicy dishes, such as pasta with ‘nduja or peperoncino (chili pepper), but also for its fresh seafood, such as swordfish, anchovies and tuna. Calabria is also renowned for its quality products, such as olive oil, wine, honey, cheese and citrus fruits. You can sample these delicacies in the local restaurants, markets and festivals that celebrate the gastronomic culture of Calabria.

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